Watch: Mauritius tax haven for some of the world’s biggest corporations

Mauritius is a country of white coral beaches and low mountains situated off the southeast coast of Africa within the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius signed a double tax avoidance agreements (DTAA) with 46 states worldwide, 18 of them from Africa. These bilateral agreements encourage investment by making certain investors from one country operate in another with out being taxed twice on the same income. However they also paved the way for abuse, permitting multinationals to shield their assets and earnings from the prying eyes of authorities and the general public.

Offshore legal services provider Appleby and accounting firm Deloitte have both been accused of profiting from these lenient tax measures and advising their clients—including Yale University—on the best way to maximize their profits.

In 2015, the European Union positioned Mauritius on its high 30 tax blacklist nations; Oxfam listed it as one of the world’s worst tax havens in 2016; and the 2018 Financial Secrecy Index gave it a 72.3 score out of 100 for enabling questionable tax avoidance maneuvers.

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