A FORM Four student at Nemakonde High School, suspected to be a robber, was shot and killed last Saturday night in the wake of being found inside a house in Orange Groove, Chinhoyi

The 17-year-old boy, whose name is as yet being retained, supposedly broke into the house at around 11pm, clearly to take money and a few assets. He was discovered stowing away in the wash room outfitted with a blade and a nursery fork, before he was shot.

National police representative Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi affirmed the incident.Some of the relatives were dozing aside from one who was sitting in front of the TV who heard some clamor in the house He proceeded to check and found that one of the rooms at the house had been messed with and alarmed other family members.The relatives suspected there was a gatecrasher inside the house and directed an inquiry and the boy was discovered covering up in the wash room.

One of the relatives at that point outfitted himself with a gun and discharged a few shots, prompting the demise of the suspect said Asst Comm Nyathi. A report was then made to police. We are as yet completing examinations to find out what really occurred. We are additionally as yet sitting tight for the after death results.

Source NewsDzeZimbabwe

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