National Blood Services Of Zimbabwe Suspends Blood Coupons

The NBSZ has suspended blood coupons which were being utilized by public hospitals to purchase blood on credit

This came to light in the memo from the NBSZ finance group which stated they have been having monetary challenges securing the sundries needed to gather blood as they were going through foreign currency challenges as a result of inflation.

National Blood Service Zimbabwe
To: Executive Manager, Heads of Branch, Finance and laboratory Departments. CC: Chief Executive Officer From: Finance Manager Date: 6 July 2020

This memo serves to advise you that NBSZ has taken a position to stop accepting blood coupons from Government Health Institutions with effect from 7 July 2020. All Hospitals are now required to pay for products and services in advance until further notice. Credit facility can only be extended to a hospital after completion and approval of the credit application form.

The cost of critical raw materials and consumables required for collection and processing of blood components has continued to escalate as a result of the current inflationary environment. In order to maintain the quality of our products and adequacy, it has become necessary to suspend the blood coupons facility Line payment modalities has been agreed upon between NBSZ and Ministry of Health and Child Care.

In fine with is oversight role the 50050 Board reviewed the financial position of the Service and resolved that the Blood user fees for public institutions, medical aids and other health finders shall be paid strictly in United States Dollars (USD). or at an exchange rate equivalent to the Old Mutual Implied Rate or other comparable exchange rate with immediate effect.

Taking cognizance of the prevailing market rate. the revised fees and services apply to both public and private institutions and medical aids are attached to this memo for ease of reference and may be reviewed on short notice.

For further information on the prevailing fees list, please check on a daily basis with our NBSZ finance team

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