Malema’s party speaks for migrant workers

Excerpt of his speech below:

The food parcels and all the grants are meant for South Africans only. Even the small business grants are structured for South Africans only.

When financial and economic relief was communicated by President Ramaphosa, there was no mention of the continent and all the African migrants who live amongst us

The migrants, even those who are registered with permanent residency will be overlooked, excluded and probably even deported during this covid19 crisis.

This is the reason all other countries in the world will never see a black lives as worthy of dignity, respect and remorse; we do no not feel remorse to each other right here on the continent , we do not feel solidarity for each other.
Do you think small and big businesses of British citizens will not get tax relief from SARS? Do you think they will not get payment holidays from SBSA? Do you think the British Citizens in America will not get financial help from the USA government?

They answer is simple; they will because white people look out for each other and our own government loves white people than black people; they see it as their duty to keep white people happy and safe, even at the expense of Africans in general.

In all these interventions, in particular interventions that provide food and temporary shelter for the most vulnerable of our people, we must not forget our brothers and sisters from neighbouring countries who remain in our country during this time.

We must shelter everyone, we must feed everyone, and we must make sure that everyone despite their nationality, whether they have documentation or not. No one should find himself/herself without food because they are from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, Nigeria and everywhere else in Africa.

They are our brothers and sisters, and we must share the little we have in these times of crisis.

Our solidarity and unity with our fellow Africans and all poor nations must go beyond our narrow boarders. Our public healthcare system in the African content, as it is the case here in South Africa, it is broken and serves the few rich.

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