Long Live Zimbabwe! Long Live our Independence!

Facebook Extract President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

Happy 40th Independence Anniversary Zimbabwe! Congratulations, Amhlophe, Makorokoto!

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Pandemic means this year we are celebrating in lockdown in our homes. But though we are physically separated, we are united in spirit. For our founding fathers, the patriotic thing to do was to fight for our freedom. Today, our task is to stay at home, keep our distance and wash our hands. I thank you all for your support and commitment as we fight this deadly virus. The time to celebrate together shall come.

Let us always remain hopeful and steadfast. Though our many friends and investors may assist us, it is our collective efforts that will make the ultimate difference. Our path is a path of peace, harmony, dialogue and inclusive development. Let us celebrate the old and embrace the new. In unity, love and common purpose, we will prevail.

Independence is about determining our own fate and taking our destiny into our hands. I urge you all to join me in seizing the moment towards a prosperous future. Together, we will realise the vision, hopes, dreams and aspirations of those who first lifted our flag 40 years ago.

Long Live Zimbabwe! Long Live our Independence!

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