Harare Council Pegs Hospital Fees In USD

Harare City Council has pegged its clinic and hospital consultation fees against the prevailing interbank rate. Adults pay an equivalent of US$5 while children pay US$3. Maternity fees are pegged at US$25.The local component ZWL will vary on a weekly basis depending with the weekly US$​ going rate.The decision was made to ensure the viability and sustainability of the health system which is currently rated the best in the country.

The decision taken by Harare City Council comes at a time when a number of hospitals are hiking fees for patients.

The public hospital, United Bulawayo Hospitals recently announced private fees.

While the new hospital fees are pegged in Zimbabwe’s local currency, they are simply beyond the reach of a vast majority of citizens, as they barely earn half of the highest charges.

Civil servants recently received a pay increase of 50 percent as well as a US$75 Covid-19 allowance. However, nurses and teachers have alleged that even with the increment, the salaries are still below $5000 per month.

Private hospitals are charging in foreign currency with an elite hospital in Bulawayo demanding a massive US$5000 for hospitalization for Covid-19 patients.

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