Former Zim Police Chief Chihuri Complains

FORMER Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri has disputed the valuation completed on his huge properties describing it as mischievous political persecution that has compromised his family’s survival.

Chihuri stated his wealth cannot be in dispute as he worked for over 37 years in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) while he’s additionally a profitable businessman and farmer.

In his High Court papers justifying his wealth, the embattled former prime cop stated he took a mortgage from CBZ under the watch of then chief govt Gideon Gono to start out his enterprise.

Gono later grew to become Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor.

Early this month, the government froze Chihuri’s belongings as he stands accused of looting US$32 million of public funds and has been requested to elucidate how he accumulated that wealth.

The State is accusing him of utilizing authorities funds to prop-up family companies and purchase numerous properties.

“I want to observe that the estimated valuations of my properties are a shocker and meant to arouse public anger against my family in pursuit of political persecution,” Chihuri stated in court papers.

“That is actually a conflict of attrition as a way to wipe my family and get rid of all means of livelihood we now have labored for over time.

“By freezing all properties and belongings, we now have been cruelly strangled and we can not survive on a day-to-day basis. The valuations on properties are mischievous and it’s typical of political persecution.”

Chihuri questioned; “How can a Zengeza high density suburb three-roomed house be valued at $7 million, an old home built by the Chitungwiza municipality?”

“The valuations of the properties are ‘thumb sucked values totaling $150 million {dollars}’, which is a shocker, to say the least.

“Who were these valuators, how skilled are they on this area of valuation? Where are the valuations relied on?”

He stated Gono had answers on how he began his enterprise and farming which he embarked on before the start of the controversial government land reform, and this was his supply of revenue.

“I personally ventured into enterprise in 1996. The then CBZ CEO Gideon Gono is aware of how I began the corporate because I borrowed from his financial institution as a way to begin my firm,” Chihuri said in his court docket papers.

“The corporate Kidsdale Enterprises began working in 1996 to 2017. The corporate operated efficiently and was contracted by the Ministry of Transport, Rural Development, (local) councils, and even the Ministry of Mines.

“We later operated a bakery and picked up rentals from a number of the properties we later bought, which have been bundled on this assortment of properties.”

He added; “My family began farming before the land reform programme major crops, maize and horticulture, potatoes, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and fish farming since 1993 – 2017 yearly realising substantial earnings.

“As an A2 farmer for 19 years beginning 2001 yearly with out fail, we grew not less than 300+ hectares of maize, not less than 150 hectares of soya beans and about 100 hectares of wheat.

“We additionally grew not less than 50 hectares of seed maize yearly. In 2008 up to 2017, we embarked on fruit farming, 20 hectares of banana, and 7 hectares of paw paw for about 10 years continuous and the produce was exceptional.

“The farm sold not lower than 100 cattle yearly, a breeding process that was thriving. We additionally bought 70 to 80 sheep and 100 goats to the local Indian community.

“Once more due to the circumstances, these efforts have been derailed. Absolutely in an impartial Zimbabwe can I be punished for refusing to take part in a coup? Being a profitable farmer, profitable enterprise particular person all due to personal scores from the powers that be?”

Chihuri stated he additionally gathered his wealth from his wage, bonuses, service advantages, again pays on promotion, and financial savings from overseas journeys during the 37 years he served in the ZRP and while he was the vice president for Interpol.

US Dollar- ZImbabwe

“There I used to be remunerated in overseas forex for serving in these capacities for six years. I’ve been gainfully employed, on this period and have built the assets through diligence and arduous work.”

Chihuri is under investigation for criminal abuse of public office, money laundering, theft and fraud.

He’s being accused of building a syndicated criminal mafia meant to siphon public funds for his personal benefit and family.

Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi additionally desires him to explain his interests in Nodpack Investments, Croxile Investments, Mastaw Investments, Rewstands Enterprise, Rash Marketing, and Adamah Enterprises.

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