“Don’t Blame Me for Any COVID-19 Deaths”

President Museveni has stated that he and his authorities have performed their part in containing the spread of Coronavirus, and can now not take the blame if Ugandans start dying of Covid-19.

Mr Museveni stated individuals haven’t died in Uganda as a result of initially, his directives were followed to the latter which led to a few people being hospitalized. He, nonetheless, said with the ever-rising numbers which at present stand at 657, it is perhaps very laborious to cease deaths.

His warning comes amid an elevated variety of Covid-19 community cases reported by the Ministry of Health coupled with the laxity amongst the inhabitants, nearly all of whom have ignored recommendation to maintain a social distance, put on face masks and even stay at home. Regardless of the rise in cases, the city is crowded, and the streets are stuffed up.

“Those that have been healed were healed as a result of the numbers within the treatment centres were few and the doctors may concentrate on them. I appeal to you Ugandans for these whose actions we have opened up, observe the social distance, I encourage you for the sake of your self. Hold the distance, put on the mask don’t go in public with no masks,” he stated.

The masks is just not very comfy however medication apart from that of children, is bitter,” Museveni stated as he presided over the National Heroes Day celebrations at State House, Entebbe today.

He added that he’s disturbed by photographs of Ugandans disregarding all of the preventive measures towards the coronavirus.

Mr Museveni stated although Ministry of Health officials have been planning for well being facilities with 9000 bed capability, he suggested them to plan for 40,000 bed capability and that locations like Namboole Stadium are being ready to deal with a big number of individuals if cases continue to rise.

He, however, warned, “if the numbers are too massive, then they’ll overwhelm even the big place we have prepared.”

The president added that Ugandan scientists are in superior stages of looking for a coronavirus vaccine however cited corruption as the biggest obstacle to the process.

“Parasites go to hell; I am actually tired of those individuals who do not care about the country but themselves. We are able to get the COVID-19 medicine before the Europeans get it if we get rid of the parasites throughout the nation. They need to go to hell” Museveni stated.

Heroes’ Day celebrations have been supposed to be held in Lyantonde District. Nonetheless, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was shifted to State House.

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