Advocate Thabani Mpofu out on bail

After most likely probably the most vicious cross examinations of an investigating officer by a defence lawyer, a Harare Justice of the Peace has freed Advocate Thabani Mpofu on $20 000 bail.

Initially Mpofu had been charged on two cases, however the State added a 3rd.

Prosecutors additionally opposed bail, arguing that Mpofu, who had handed himself over to the police on Monday, was a flight threat.

However Beatrice Mtetwa, in Mpofu’s defence, led a legal onslaught on the state, questioning the rationale behind the state’s opposition to bail.

Investigating officer, Erasmus Mazhawidza was left uncovered as Mtwetwa fought in Mpofu’s corner.

Mtetwa mentioned Mazhawidza had displayed ignorance on the relationship between an instructing attorney and an advocate.

The police have not arrested the other lawyers implicated with Mpofu, claiming that investigations were nonetheless ongoing.

In her cross examination, Mtetwa further accused the state of opposing bail not because of the seriousness of the charges, however fairly because of who Mpofu was.

Mpofu is accused of inventing a Simbarashe Zuze, who signed an affidavit in a Constitutional Court Challenge.

However Mtetwa mentioned Zuze had been to the police several times to show that he was an actual person and that the police had collected 15 samples of his signature.

Following the bail hearing, Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi granted Mpofu $20 000 bail amongst other conditions.

Mtetwa mentioned they had been going to challenge the charges towards Mpofu.

An unfazed Mpofu mentioned he will likely be appearing before the Supreme Court to argue a matter on Thursday at 9am.

“I will likely be within the Supreme Courtroom at 9am tomorrow, however I don’t wish to discuss that, I wish to talk about Zimbabweans, their spirit some have been praying for me, some were overwhelmed for me and I’m very happy that they gave me that help, the lawyers and all of the advocates who stood by me,” he mentioned following his release.

Mpofu was arrested on Monday and initially charged defeating or obstructing the course of justice for allegedly falsifying data by submitting an affidavit of a non-existent person to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) in January 2019 challenging the appointment of Prosecutor-General (PG) Kumbirai Hodzi.

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