23 Year Old Brutally Murders Mom in Waterfalls, Harare

Residents of Waterfalls Retreat in Harare have been left in a state of shock Wednesday after a 23-year-old University of Zimbabwe dropout allegedly murdered his stepmother in a suspected case of satanism.

Father to the accused Musekiwa Tandi who works as a information info officer at Chitungwiza hospital narrated how the horrendous incident which has left the group shocked occurred.

Joseph Tandi has since been arrested going through charges of killing Irene Chikodzo, 40, a nurse at Chitungwiza hospital.

“It was on a Tuesday and I had briefly gone out to escort a good friend whom I had invited to interact my son after noticing bizarre conduct since he was locked up in his room from the 9th to the 15th of June 2020. He repeatedly refused to eat any meals,” he mentioned.

“When I returned home I saw Joseph feeding rabbits and when I tried to enter the bed room he then struck me with an iron bar. Nonetheless, I screamed for help and managed to gain energy and chased after him. When I caught him with the assistance of some neighbours, I then realised an unusual scenario since my spouse did not come out.

“I then requested people gathered to wait for me as I checked for her. To my shock when I entered the kitchen, I noticed my spouse’s body lying on the ground immersed in blood. That very moment I screamed in grief and disbelief and people came nearby. At that moment Joseph took advantage and ran away. Nonetheless, we had to call out for assistance till some individuals assisted us to stop him,” he said.

Tandi explained he later found mysterious symbols, meditation booklets and a day earlier confessed to his mother he had joined a satanic cult.

He added his son was an excellent scholar who dropped out of the University of Zimbabwe two years ago where he was learning for a degree in metallurgy.

The matter has since been reported to the police and Joseph is at present in custody.

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